A Moment In Time – 20th April until 4th May

2009 042JeanetteSelwoodExhibition

In 2001, I moved from Southport on the Gold Coast to north Qld. I chose to build a cabin on Magnetic Island, and settled into a beautiful Queensland lifestyle. For many years, I travelled between Townsville and Cairns, enjoying the scenery and colour of north Qld.


The innocence of children captivated me, and soon my own grandchildren became subjects for me, as I painted them enjoying beautiful beach settings. I continue to paint and draw portraits, and especially enjoy recreating personalities and special requests, whether they be from recent or old photos or from photos I take myself.

At this time in my life, I am happy to travel from north to south, taking in the splendours of our coastline.
Another creative experience for me is to express in portraits, the energies of deceased loved ones, and those of nature; they appear as mermaids from the oceans, and sprites, elves, and fairies that inhabit the forests and gardens.

I am able to draw or paint from a live sitting during the exhibition duration.