Artist – Tracy Jackson

About The Artist

Since the age of 5, I knew I wanted to become an artist when I grew up. I grew up in a town, Nelson, New Zealand . During my school years I studied Art at Nelson Polytechnic. I moved to Australia at age 18 and entered the mining industry, but my passion for my art continued, I received an important phone call from a family friend, Tony Purves living in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland. He asked me if i would like to move to Port Douglas and study as his student one on one. He said I would be his last student. I knew he was the best at his trade and had taught in many universities throughout the world. How could i possibly turn down a golden opportunity i thought. So in 2006 I moved to Far North Queensland to a beautiful tropical place I now call home, there I studied my art. I paint with Oil colour’s on canvas and board. I use a technique liked the Old Masters use called Chiarosuro, meaning the use of deep variations in and subtle gradations of light and shade. Rembrandt is a master of Chiarosuro. I specialize in portraits and wildlife and landscapes. I have sold my work in Galleries in Queensland. I am currently still studying with Tony Purves, as you can never stop learning. This year I opened an Art studio in Kuranda, Queensland, called ‘River Rose’ art studio. I paint within a rain forest setting surrounded by sunbird’s and ulysses butterflies. Many visiters stop by for a chat and come and view and purchase my work on display. I’m feel so blessed to be an artist.


Nelson Polytechnic College


Frame , Cairns, Suter Art Gallery. Red Chair Gallery


Rembrandt, Pro Hart, Sargent, Caravaggio