Jenni Bullock


My work is unique in that I work across the various mediums and styles.

My work embraces drawing, painting and sculptures. As far as styles are concerned, I can create works of total realism or move completely away to the opposite spectrum of abstracts as yet another form. Because of this, my bent is not to conform to any particular style. As a result of this non conformity, I arrived at the title of my first “Solo” Exhibition and called it “Random Acts of Art”. This title reflects in words the way in which I work and explore art.

JeniBullockMy methodology is not intended to gain mastery in any one style or medium, but to simply explore the process of creativity itself, and to embrace it. Through this exploration process I have found every day emotions and events, seem to provide the seed stock of my works and I also like to add a little humour at times. I feel that everyone I have crossed paths with, from fellow students to tutors, mentors and friends have all impacted on how I approach my work. They have shown me in various ways that approaches to creativity can be as different as they are.

Before coming to Cairns I worked for many years in Townsville as a full time Professional Fire and Rescue Officer who squeezed in art work and murals between doing 10-14 hrs shifts fighting fires, attending car accidents and performing rescues. My art work in Townsville although co-existing with a very busy and demanding professional life, was extremely rewarding however and some of those works included murals at the Breast Screen Clinic at Townsville Hospital, Ronald MacDonald House and the Townsville Central Fire Station.

The move to Cairns in 2007 eventually enticed me to again take up studies (having previously studied Art in Western Australia and New Zealand) and led to the completion of my “Diploma of Visual Arts” here in 2009. I am now dedicated to pursuing my artwork and also to assisting and encouraging other artists in their careers.