Grace Hermawan

My paintings reflect the abstract shapes and movement I see in creation.  I love colour and splashes of paint across a blank canvas as well as using mixed media to create texture and depth.

I am a self-taught artist. My grandma was a talented landscape and watercolour artist, and as a young girl I dabbled beside her in her workshop and remembering sitting with her in the park where she would sell her paintings.  I have always had a love for art however; have only recently started painting for myself.

My heritage is Australian Indonesian.  My passion for art and expression has been influenced by a number of countries and places.  In particular, the colour and patterns of Javanese batik and the landscape and art of Central Australia.

Mimpi Kanvas, which means Canvas Dreams, is my first exhibition, it has been a wonderful journey creating artworks to share with others.  I am excited about further indulging my love of abstract painting and continuing to experiment with colour, mediums, textures and styles.