Red Chair Gallery presents Naked Animals exhibition by artist Ellen Trott

I’ve had a brush in my hand ever since I can remember…

Opening Night:

  • Red Chair Gallery Shop G28 – official opening by Di Sant
  • 6pm Friday 4th November
  • RSVP 4051 9442
  • A raffle will be available on the night with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research

“Naked Animals” exhibition, displays at The Red Chair Gallery, through November 2016.

About the artist Ellen Trott

“As a kid I grew up on the coast down South Western Australia with a love of the ocean and its natural beauty, that I would say defiantly reflects in my work as an artist.

In high school I found my flair for painting portraits and was always encouraged to ‘never put the paintbrush down’.

It was when I moved to Cairns, where the rainforest that meets the sea, and I met my  wonderful  mentor Di Sant, that I had found my passion for nudes and  watercolours,  and have been able to truly capture my own style of painting. I furthered my education at JCU University taking live drawing classes, charcoals and some photography workshops.

I have exhibited in many of my works in the Margret river wine region including the Margret River Creative Emergence festival,  a solo exhibition at Sugar Man Studios. I have also had my work showcased at Happs Pottery in Yalingup.

Through the expression of colour I would say my paintings come alive. They have a natural flow that I form playing with the water and brushstrokes which create depth through the layers of paint. The result is a realistic magical impression of something that is not quite out of the ordinary.”

Phone: 4051 9442