I’ve had a paint brush in my hand since I can remember.

As a kid I grew up on the coast down south Western Australia with a love of the ocean and its natural beauty that I would say defiantly reflects in my work as an artist.

In high school  I found my flair for paintings portraits in and was always encouraged too never put the paintbrush  down.
It was when I moved too cairns where  the rainforest that meets the sea and met my  wonderful  mentor Di sant, that I had found my passion for nudes and  watercolours, and have been able too truely captured my own style of painting.

I furthered my education at JCU taking live drawing classes, charcoals and some photography workshops.
I have exhibited in  many of my works in the Margret river wine region including Margret River Creative Emergence  Festival,  a solo exhibition at Sugarman Studios and have had  my works show cased at Happs pottery in Yalingup.

Through the  expression of colour I would say my paintings come alive. They  have a natural flow, that I form playing with the water and brushstrokes that create depth through layers of paint. The result is a realistic magical impression of something that is not quite out of the ordinary.