A Dusty Journey exhibition, displays at The Red Chair Gallery, through May/June 2016.


I often describe the tactile thrill of finishing a marble sculpture as being, more satisfying than tactile experiences of youth. That’s what age and marble has done for me…


Award winning Cairns sculptor affectionately known as Dusty Bob, invites you to his latest exhibition of Chillagoe Marble and Dolomite sculptures, aptly named “A Dusty Journey”.

Chillagoe Marble

I was first introduced to art at Elam School of Art, Auckland, New Zealand in 1944. The course was a part of my engineering degree. I then spent the rest of my working life drawing straight lines.

Upon retiring to Cairns in 1984, I planned to take up wood carving, however developed an interest in working with Chillagoe Marble. There were no professional instructional courses available at the time, so I applied my construction / engineering principles to the grinding and polishing of the marble and I do not use the traditional chisel technique. I use angle grinders and sanding disks and have found chrome platters techniques of polishing are applicable to marble and help draw out that “deep gloss”.
dustybobsculpture1With stimulus from a couple of established sculptures, I commenced working on natural forms, then onto impressions of these and also pure abstraction. My animistic and abstract sculptures are representational and the forms have evolved from my life experiences and the many varied characteristics of the Chillagoe Marble. The “art”side of sculpting is so different from straight line.

On one of my larger works, “Touch Moi” (please touch me), I invite the viewer to feel the marble. I often describe the tactile thrill of finishing a marble sculpture as being “more satisfying than the tactile experiences of youth”. That’s what age and marble has done for me.

My objective is to create new, flowing, graceful, harmonious and tasteful forms.

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