Artist – Min Stuart

About The Artist

Min Stuart Art – This idea came from a smaller idea I had a few years ago to create tile coasters using different pieces of my art as the designs. I picked up painting late in life, after the first 24 years of adulthood were spent  predominantly raising my four beautiful children, with intermittent jobs in-between and a 4 year stint at uni where I decided I would do a commerce degree and become an accountant, which by the way, I’m still 4 subjects short of that qualification! That was  about as far removed from being an artist as you can imagine! So, anyway, while I hadn’t done anything specific artistically, I was very creative and crafting a lot at home while my daughters were little. I didn’t really try my hand at painting until about 2014 and I discovered I not only loved it, but people seemed to really enjoy my vibrant art and quirky colourful characters. I discovered very quickly that I got great satisfaction from my customers when they would tell me they loved my art, and it made them feel happy. This in turn made me feel equally happy!

My family and I live in Cairns, where by day I am a cook in a daycare centre, and by night my artistic side comes out. I have three of my four kids at home and one who is far far away in Brisbane (well it seems very far to me) and my husband Matt, who is away three weeks out of the month. We also have our beloved Fur Friends, Bear the dog, Dinah the cat, Baby the other cat, and Happy the other cat. So it’s a pretty busy household most of the time.

While at this stage we are only selling drinks coasters, we already have in the pipeline some beautiful microfibre tea towels, matching MDF board placemat and coaster sets. By early December we shall have available to you canvas prints, perfect for children’s rooms and nurseries, although, in the past, hundreds of these small canvasses have been bought, surprisingly, by adults FOR adults! I hope you find something you love here and you will enjoy coming back to see what’s new as we get more homewares and goodies to share with you.