Cairns North Queensland Australia

About Red Chair Gallery

The Red Chair Gallery was established in Cairns in 2012 to provide a space for local artists to showcase and sell their artwork.

ALL Original Artworks Include: sculpture, jewellery, paintings, drawings, prints, mosaic work, crafts, handbags, handmade garments, gifts and are all made by local Cairns artists.

Some of our artists include;

Christine Young, Tracy Jackson, Eddie Argall, Sue Barden, Jeni Bullock, Corrie Bateman, Susan Bell, Jolene Boyle, Cassowary Kilns, Collis Chinsee, Kaylene Creighton, A&C Denahy, Caroline Daniell, Margaret Delaney, Jacky Elms, Jennifer Greatorex, Paul Giudice, Kathleen De-La-Sinnott, Frantik Designs, Barbara Hardy, Natalie Harrop, Sue Irwin, Joycelyn Kahawai, Robin Johnston, Jan Korver, Francisco Salas Martinez, Sally Moroney, Victoria Prieto, Amanda Purkiss, Sam Moffat, Simon Poole, Owen Pointon, Kathleen Reward (Cave Designs), Maria Reynolds, Jeanette Sellwood, Jammy Slarks, Min Stuart, Darrell Stewart, Midge Read, Jim Schwalbach, Jennie Scott, Zita Sudnika, Rose Tambanis, Ellen Trott, Ron Van Der Plight, Eve Walker, Lone White, Pat Wilson, Jess Wellington, Samallie Kalapata, Victoria Prietto, Telena Waia, Kayoko Wallis, Wellington Wick.

We welcome new local artists interested in joining to contact us via the email contact form.

Our Gallery In Pictures